Postcard Collection

Belfast Central Library holds a collection of Irish related postcards which date from the early twentieth century to the present day. Eighteen folders of postcards have been collected, the vast majority relating to Belfast and the six counties of Northern Ireland, although the counties in the Republic of Ireland are also covered. Most postcards typically illustrate historic landmarks, natural landscapes or whimsical scenes, but there are also many more of a political and cultural hue representing the clash between Nationalism and Unionism in the early years of the century, 1910-1920 in particular. Postcards are also held on a range of subjects including Belfast cinemas, transport and political leaders and events.


Included in the collection are some early black and white postcard views of towns in Northern Ireland.

Physical characteristics

There are 18 folders of postcards in this collection.

Description or Catalogue

There is an itemised list within each folder.


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