Genealogy and Heraldry Collection, Enniskillen

The Genealogy and Heraldry Collection consists of works on mainly Irish, but also English and Scottish genealogy and heraldry. It comprises books on armorial bearings, heraldry, family crests, order of the garter, peerages and landed gentry. Titles such as "A biographical peerage of Ireland..", 1817; "The Irish compendium; or, rudiments of honour, containing the descent, marriage, issue, titles, posts, and seats, of all the nobility of Ireland …", 1756; and "The register of the most noble order of the garter …", edited by John Anstis, 1724 may be found in the collection.


The overall strength of the collection is the rarity of the books held and also the excellent condition of the items.

Physical characteristics

200 volumes, many of which are oversize and lavishly illustrated.


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