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The Burns & Burnsiana Collection at the Linen Hall Library is one of the largest collections of Burns material outside Scotland. The collection contains 782 distinct Scottish, English, Irish, American and continental editions of the works of the Ayrshire ploughman, representing more than 1,000 volumes. In addition the collection contains Johnson's "Scots musical museum", Thomson's "Select Scottish airs", 130 biographies of the poet, 109 miscellaneous publications relating to Burns, 50 song-books and chapbooks containing his poems, 38 pintings and drawings. The European translatioons are for the most part in German. The main part of the collection was amassed by Andrew Gibson (fl. 1904-1927) towards the end of the 19th century. It was acquired by the Linen Hall Library in 1901 through public subscription. Gibson also included a gift of seventy volumes to the Linen Hall from himself. Some items were later presented to the Library by Mrs Eliza Everitt - Burns' great-grand-daughter. There are no manuscripts, but there is a large range of ephemeral material. The Linen Hall Library no longer collects Burnsiana, but it does acquire key reference works in relation to Burns.


The material in this Collection has been published in a variety of places throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. It includes ancillary material covering Scottish poetry and song. There is a set of "British poets" which is supposed to be part of Burns own library. Burns was a major influence on the Ulster-Scots literary tradition, particularly the "Rhyming weavers" of Ulster.

Physical characteristics

The Collection consists of 2,000 items most of which are books. It contains almost 400 English editions, all the Irish editions, many American editions and several continental editions. Included in the Collection are songbooks and pamphlets. There are some framed items - a framed tapestry map of the British Isles by his daughter and a number of prints.

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http://www.linenhall.com - select Catalogue; There is also a typewritten catalogue of collection listing the poet's writings, arranged in alphabetical order according to place of publication available at the Library.


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Linen Hall Library no longer collects Burnsiana, key reference works concerned with Burns are acquired however.

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