Lavens M. Ewart Collection

Lavens M. Ewart (1845-1898) was a Governor of the Linen Hall Library. Throughout his life he collected Irish books and books about the linen industry. Lavens M. Ewart's family had a substantial linen business, with which he was connected. The collection reflects his interests. He helped found the second series of the "Ulster Journal of Archaeology". History, topography, biography, proceedings of archaeological societies and the Royal Irish Academy augment large sections on education, arts and manufactures. There is also a substantial collection of Irish poetry. He worked closely with John Anderson, who also shared a keen inteerest in local bibliography and early Belfast printing. This collection was so extensive and varied that it greatly strengthened the Irish section at the Linen Hall Library and helped give firm direction to its continued growth. Belfast and Dublin almanacks dating from 1761, street directories dating from 1819, and newspapers and periodicals dating from 1794 formed the nucleus of the collection and augmented the research potential of standard works already in the Library.


The Lavens M. Ewart Collection is especially rich in books dealing with the history and industries of Ireland. At the time of its deposit it was probably the most complete collection of early Belfast printed books. It is a fine collection because of its range and wealth of material.

Physical characteristics

Approximately 3,500 volumes and pamphlets.

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