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The Northern Ireland Political Collection is recognised internationally as a unique and important resource comprising a wide range of published and unpublished materials relating to the conflict or “Troubles” in Northern Ireland from 1966 onwards. Containing books, pamphlets, reports, manifestos, photographs, press-cuttings, audio-visual material, stickers, leaflets, Christmas cards and posters, etc, the collection has been systematically collected from all sides of the local conflict and ranges in content from the governmental to the paramilitary. It covers publications by organisations on the margins of the direct political process as well as those chiefly concerned with social issues, in addition to items published by political commentators both within and outside Northern Ireland; manifestos of all elections since the mid 1960s; press cuttings of the Northern Ireland Office, 1969-89; and the archives of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association and the Northern Ireland Women’s Rights Association.


The Northern Ireland Political Collection presents a unique and balanced record of political events in Northern Ireland since 1966 covering the full spectrum of publishing output during this period. No other institution in any other conflict worldwide has collected the views of all sides of the conflict. As such the collection is an unrivalled resource for the political history and development of Northern Ireland and for conflict studies more generally.

Physical characteristics

The collection contains approx. 350,000 items comprising books, pamphlets, reports, manifestos,  audio-visual material, stickers, leaflets, Christmas cards and posters. It includes runs of over 2,000 titles of political periodicals and over 75,000 items of ephemera (leaflets, handbills and press releases), over 3,000 videos and 500 works of political fiction.

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