Robert Greacan Collection

The Robert Greacan Collection at the Linen Hall Library consists of poems, letters, diaries and articles. There is also a memoir of Denis Ireland. Much of the correspondence is with the critic Derek Stanford. Greacan worked at the United Nations Association in London and as a teacher, retiring to Dublin in 1988. He started to write the 1940's, publishing poems, book reviews and articles in The Bell (Dublin) and Horizon (London). He published two collections of poetry - one in 1944 and the other in 1948. In 1949 he edited an anthology of poetry with Valentin Iremonger. His poetry includes One Recent Evening, The Undying Day, Young Mr. Gibbon, A Garland For Captain Fox, A Bright Mask, Carnival at the River, Protestant Without A Horse and Ecstasy. He also published books on Noel Coward and C.P. Snow and two volumes of memoirs, Even Without Irene and The Sash My Father Wore. In 1995 he won the Irish Times Poetry Award.


The strength of this collection lies in the fascinating insight it provides into the lierary life of the period.

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