Theatre & Performing Arts Archive

The Theatre and Performing Arts Archive is a treasure trove of theatrical material. Earliest items in the collection include a collection of 18th century playscripts and 19th century playbills, with 20th century additions from Ulster actors, playwrights, managers and companies. The Archive comprises several thousand original programmes, handbills, posters, photographs, letters, newscuttings and unpublished playscripts. The bulk of the material is is theatrical, but fields of music, opera and dance are also represented. Together, the collections in the Archive provide eloquent testimony of artistic creativity across the centuries. Individually, they are of real interest to users who range from academic and family researchers to fiction writers, film set dressers, costume designers and theatre directors.


The Archive spans three centuries of the performing arts in Ulster. There are lists of uncatalogued source material available

Physical characteristics

The Archive consists of original programmes, handbills, posters, photographs, letters, newscuttings, unpublished playscriptsand a small collection of audio-visual materials.

Description or Catalogue

Itemised hand-lists.


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