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The Library’s collection of Ulster Scots material dates back to 1810 with the publication of Andrew McKenzie’s Poems and Songs on Different Subjects. A comprehensive archive of periodical material relating to the Ulster Scots language and dialects of Ulster is currently being compiled, and constantly updated. As part of the Linen Hall Library’s Languages of Ulster programme, a new sequence of books has been created entitled ‘Ulster Scots Language and Dialects of Ulster’. A general information file on all aspects of the Ulster Scots language, and a newspaper cuttings file are also available for consultation. These files are updated regularly.The following lists are available for consultation on-line: Articles from periodical literature relating the Ulster Scots language and Ulster Dialect, Articles from Ulster Folklife relating to language and dialect in Ulster and The Kennedy Collection of Ulster Poets. The Kennedy collection of Ulster Poets comprises the published work of the poets of the north of Ireland in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It was donated to the Library by former Governor, David Kennedy. Previously unknown outside their own locality, the social, historical, and linguistic importance of a group of these poets was established in John Hewitt’s seminal work Rhyming Weavers. This is a preliminary list of those works from the collection which are of importance regarding Ulster Scots and Ulster dialect.


A major strength of this collection is the Kennedy Collection of Ulster Poets, consisting of works by the Rhyming weavers naad other early nineteenth century Ulster poets. These were keepers of the Ulster Scots tradition who were heavily influenced by Allan Ramsay and Robert Burns. The Rhyming weavers had little formal education yet their poetry belies this through classical references found in their works, further evidence of the strong oral tradition in Ireland at that time.

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