Methodist Historical Society of Ireland

The Irish Branch of the Wesley Historical Society in Belfast administers and maintains a comprehensive and unrivalled collection of works on or relating to Methodism in Ireland. Containing in excess of 8,000 volumes, it was established in 1926 on the foundation of the Irish branch in support of its stated aims and activities to promote the study of the Methodist Church in Ireland. The collection is particularly strong in the works of John and Charles Wesley and Adam Clark and contains extensive runs of Methodist journals and periodicals including the Irish Evangelist, 1859-1883, the Christian Advocate, 1883-1923, the Irish Christian Advocate, 1923-1971 and the Methodist Newsletter from 1973. Other series include the Methodist Magazine (Dublin Edition), 1801-1822, the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Magazine (of the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Connexion, which was unique to Ireland), 1823-1845, the Irish Christian Monitor, (of the Methodist New Connexion Irish Mission) 1843-1845, the Irish Methodist Church Record, 1893-1929 etc. The collection also includes a range of original and printed manuscript materials. These comprise the archives of the Irish branch of the Wesley Historical Society from 1926 onwards, original diaries and journals of Irish preachers such as the Rev. Adam Averell (1754-1847), founder of the Irish Primitive Wesleyans in 1818, Wesleyan letters, a complete series of Minutes of the Irish Conference from 1752 and Conference Agendas, three dimensional objects particularly of John Wesley and Adam Clarke, photographs and other collected ephemera and memorabilia relating to Methodism in Ireland.


Major research resource on the history and development of Irish Methodism and bibliography of John Wesley from c. 1737 onwards. The collection is also a useful source of information on the Temperance Movement and Irish social life and history. It maintains biographical information of Methodist preachers and ministers.

Physical characteristics

Approx. 8000 volumes, pamphlets, manuscripts etc. The collection includes c. 50 STC and Wing items.

Description or Catalogue

Alphabetical name, geographical and keyword card catalogues to the periodicals and journals are available on site for consultation. A shelf list in manuscript detailing archival holdings is also available.






Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

New material continues to be acquired by bequest, donation, gift and/or purchase on an irregular basis.

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