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The library was fortunate to receive the archive and elements of the library of the writer and cartographer Tim Robinson. The book collection consists of over 300 volumes, principally relating to the history, heritage and topography of Connemara and the Burren. The archival collection includes literary manuscripts from the preparation of Tim's well known works as well as detailed research materials. The latter includes index cards used by Tim in the creation of his gazetteer and map of Connemara published in 1990. 


The book collection is particularly focussed on Connemara, the Burren and the Aran Islands. The archive includes literary manuscripts of Tim's work as well as meticulous research for his cartographic enterprises. 

Physical characteristics

335 published items. Archival collection. 

Description or Catalogue

The book collection is listed on the library catalogue at Some of the archival material is available in our digital repository at Archival descriptions are available at 

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Collection Available Online