Northern Ireland Offical Publications.

The material in the Noethern Ireland Offical Publications collection comprises: Debates of Northern Ireland Parliament and Assemblies since 1921 (complete) Northern Ireland Parliamentary and Assembly Papers since 1921 (complete) Northern Ireland Legislation (complete) Publications of Northern Ireland Government Departments from 1921 (extremely extensive and as complete as possible)


This is the largest collection of Northern Ireland official publications built up from the residue of sets of items supplied for distribution to Members of Parliament and Assemblies. Papers continued to be deposited during direct rule.

Physical characteristics

6,000 items.

Description or Catalogue

Northern Irelands Assembly card catalogue (material received prior to 1994). Northern Ireland Assembly automated catalogue (this is not available across the internet)


Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

All publications produced by or laid before the NI Assembly are received, most publications of Northern Ireland Government Departments are also obtained.

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