William Lawson Micks Collection

William Lawson Micks (1851-1928) was the First Secretary of the Congested District Board for Ireland. He collected extensively in the fields of Irish land and Irish history. His collection of approximately 1,000 books is integrated into the main library stock. Stock in his subject field is still purchased.


The strengths of the collection lie in eighteenth and nineteenth century travel narratives and topography, Irish history and literature (mainly 19th and early 20th century), Irish land and related issues.

Physical characteristics

Approximately 1,000 volumes, of which 150 date from before 1800, including a small number from 17th century, and one from 1576.

Description or Catalogue

The material in this collection is catalogued on the Northern Ireland Assembly automated catalogue. (It is not available across the internet).


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Material in relevant subject fields is still purchased.

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