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NIPR is sponsored by the Library & Information Services Council (Northern Ireland) to list books, reports, pamphlets and journals published in Northern Ireland since January 2001. NIPR includes bibliographic information about every sort of publication - from short church histories to children’s books and academic monographs. Two copies of all titles are acquired through voluntary donation by the publisher. One copy of each title is preserved as an archive copy and the other is available for inter library loan throughout Northern Ireland. It should prove to be a useful resource for researchers, publishers, librarians, booksellers and anybody interested in Northern Ireland and its culture. Northern Ireland has no national library and no single institution is charged with collecting all material published there. NIPR has a dedicated database and website which makes information about Northern Ireland publications available globally. All significant publications are included in the database and are described comprehensively. The website includes access to the database (Catalogue), links to publishers' websites, electronic catalogues and related resources elsewhere.


The repository in Belfast is charged with collecting and cataloguing all titles published in Northern Ireland. NIPR is not subject to any other institutional priorites. The strength of the collection lies in its highly specific nature. The repository aims for comprehensive collection including academic, mainstream and local history publications, as well as publications of the Northern Ireland Executive and related bodies and agencies. It is a useful local resource for studnets and researchers dealing with current publications.

Physical characteristics

The respository associated with NIPR is split between the Linen Hall Library, Belfast and Belfast Central Library. The collection is being added to continuously.

Description or Catalogue

The collection is catalogued and available online through the NIPR website which is accessible on


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It is estimated that approximately 2,000 itmes are published in Northern Ireland per annum, 50% of these titles are issued by the Northern Ireland Executive and associated bodies and agencies.

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