Northern Ireland Elections

The Northern Ireland Elections web resource provides information about elections in Northern Ireland since 1885, with particular information about the elections held in 2001 (Westminster and local government), 2000 (South Antrim by-election), 1999 (European Parliament), 1998 (Assembly), 1997 (local government), 1997 (Westminster), 1996 (Forum/talks), 1995 (North Down by-election), 1994 (European Parliament), 1993 (local government), 1992 (Westminster), 1987 (Westminster), 1986 (15 by-elections), and 1983 (Westminster). From the Site Map page it is possible to find links to more information, including descriptions of the political parties, some historical pieces, and a selection of useful books and websites.


This website provides online access to the results of recent elections held in Northern Ireland, it is seen as an essential resource by many in scholarly and political communities.

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This is a web based resource.

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Although Nicholas Whyte was an activist in the Alliance Party, that organisation bears no responsibility for the content of the NIE web site; neither do his past or present employers.

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