Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photographs

The Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photographs held as part of the Monuments and Buildings Record (MBR) by the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland represents a copied portion of a much larger collection maintained by the Cambridge University Committee for Aerial Photography (CUCAP). This collection dates back to 1945 and includes aerial photographs taken by Professor Dr J. K. St. Joseph and his colleagues at the University and is one of the most important in the UK for archaeologists.

The collection held by the MBR comprises black and white prints of Irish interest, mainly consisting of oblique photographs taken in all parts of Northern Ireland and the Republic dating from 1951-55 and 1963-73. These items include panoramic views of landscape and scenery and individual elements in such landscapes such as abandoned river meanders or pre-historic settlements. Special attention is also paid to areas of ecological importance and to archaeological sites.


The strength of this collection lies in its availability to researchers studying in Northern Ireland who would otherwise have had to travel to the University of Cambridge in order to consult it. The collection provides an important, visual record of the Irish landscape documenting the existence and the changing conditions of archaeological sites and other physical features.

Physical characteristics

Approx. 800 photographic prints (Black & White)

Description or Catalogue

A catalogue has been prepared in hard-copy and is available for consultation in the offices of the Monuments & Buildings Record in Belfast.


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