Clokey Collection of Stained Glass Window Designs

Collection of stained glass window designs by The Clokey Stained Glass Studios of Belfast, c. 1895-c. 1970. The Clokey Stained Glass Studios constituted a separate department of Campbell Brothers, glass merchants of Belfast, which was established in 1904 when W.F. Clokey (c. 1870-1930) went into partnership with his former employer, James A. Campbell. Of Huguenot descent, the Clokey name and product gained nationwide respect and was famed throughout Ireland for its beautiful church windows. Indeed, their designs were so highly valued that great pains were taken during the Second World War to remove them from Belfast and store them in the country for safekeeping.

Remarkably few original designs survive today as the majority were lost to fire during a bombing incident in the 1970s. Those held in this collection available by the Environment & Heritage Service are thus an important and unique resource. Consisting of some 180 original illustrations and drawings, the collection is divided into four main categories: Domestic Glass designs; Symbolic and Decorative Glass; Narrative and Figurative Glass; and Heraldic and Memorial Glass. Of these, predominant is the work of the local artist, Olive Henry, who joined the firm direct from school in c. 1923. George Walsh, who was employed in the Clarke Studios in Dublin, is also represented, as are a number of earlier illustrations originating from the studio of Ward & Partners of Belfast which were added to the archive when Francis Ward, founder of the firm, joined Clokey in 1925.


Good range of drawing designs from a very important local manufacturer of stained glass.

Physical characteristics

180 items comprising designs and illustrations etc.

Description or Catalogue

Catalogue of the Clokey Collection of Stained Glass, Colin Hatrick (3 vols., Feb 1995). This catalogue is available for consultation at the MBR.

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