John Seeds Architectural Collection

The John Seeds Architectural Collection held as part of the Monuments and Buildings Record (MBR) is one of a number of specialist collections transferred on loan from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland to the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland. John Seeds, a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, was a Belfast-based architect who served as the RIBA representative on the Ancient Monuments Advisory Committee of the Government of Northern Ireland from 1934. As a member of the Georgian sub-committee, he undertook a survey of the architecture of the Georgian period in the six counties.

The collection held here consists of a range of material accumulated by Seeds during the course of this work which represents an early attempt to create an Architectural Record for the north of Ireland. It includes photographs (glass-plate negatives and prints) and site notes from his survey which was carried out mainly at weekends. The collection also includes official papers, letters and reports relating to the Northern Ireland Planning Advisory Board on which Seeds also served as a representative of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects from 1942.


The collection contains a good range of images from the 1930s of Georgian architecture in Northern Ireland, many of which have since been demolished.

Physical characteristics

The collection consists of a range of glass-plate negatives, photographic prints, official files, notebooks and other papers.

Description or Catalogue

A catalogue has been prepared in hard-copy and is available for consultation in the offices of the Monuments & Buildings Record in Belfast.


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Transferred from PRONI in c. 1992/93.

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