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**Please note that the Online Research Bank has not been updated since 2014. Information on this site has been retained for archival purposes.**

The Online Research Bank (ORB) is a web-based resource containing a bibliography (over 900 references) of key research documents focused on social policy in Northern Ireland with, in many cases, a summary of the work. The bibliography can be searched according to author, title, year of publication and subject area. Where summaries are available they can viewed online or printed. The aim of ORB is to provide summary information on key topics of interest in the Social Policy field in Northern Ireland. ORB concentrates on material that is research based, carried out by government, the voluntary sector or academia and focused on Northern Ireland. The main emphasis is on research carried out since 1990 although some key studies carried out before 1990 are also included


The Online Research Resource (ORB) provides easy access to social policy research focused on Northern Ireland. It is possible to search for summaries of key studies over a wide range of social policy topic areas. 

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ORB is a web-based resource.

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