Presbyterian Historical Society

The Presbyterian Historical Society exists "to advance public education in the history of the Churches of the Presbyterian Order in Ireland by various means including the collection and preservation of historic materials and records of such Churches." The Society was established in 1906, and is answerable to the General Assembly through its Committee and to a Council which includes representatives from the Reformed Presbyterians and the Non-Subscribing Presbyterians. The Society has a library of books on the history of Presbyterianism in Ireland. This includes a collection of nearly 12,000 pamphlets, numbers of several different serials, congregational histories and bound and microfilm volumes of The Witness newspaper. Many records from local congregations are also held in trust. Many of these records have beeen microfilmed and may be consulted for the purpose of genealogical research. The Society publishes books and pamphlets and these are also available for consultation or purchase.


The collection is particularly strong in the history of Irish Presbyterianism - 17 to 21st century, histories of individual congregations, biographical details of Ministers and genealogical material relating to the 19th and 20th century.

Physical characteristics

Approximately 10,000 volumes (including periiodical volumes).

Description or Catalogue

Some itemised handlists are available for consultation.


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