Andrews' Papers

Business archive of John Andrews & Co., Ltd, Flax Spinners, Comber, Co.Down, 1863-1987. The collection consists of technical, adminstrative and financial records of the Company dating from its establishment in 1863, including comprehensive series of letter books, 1863-1955 (incomplete), cash books and ledgers, 1864-1980, Report books, 1865-1958, invoices, 1864-69, Yarn books, 1887-1977, Stock books, 1865-1987, and various employee records including pay books, 1864-99, wage books, 1899-1960s, cash memorandum books, 1865-1959 (incomplete) and rent ledgers, 1936-76. As well as providing a valuble insight into the workings and development of the Company, these records also comment on the social impact and influence of the Andrew’s Family and its business on the local community in Comber as the principal employer in the area. The collection also includes a proportion of personal/family records pertaining mainly to the Andrews family farms located in and around Comber, Co. Down (Maxwell Court and Carnesure), but also Counties Cavan and Kilkenny. These consist of farm letter books, cash books, ledgers, journals and dairy cash sales books spanning the period, 1882-1987. Additional references to personal matters can also be found dispersed amongst the various business letter books, for example, the construction of the family house and fruit gardens in Comber under the supervision of Thomas Andrews (1843-1916) during the 1870s. The collection also contains a volume of personal letters relating to John Miller Andrews (1871-1956) for the period 1914-16. J.M. Andrews later went on to serve as Prime Minister of Northern Ireland from 1940-43.


Business History. Linen Industry. Local History (Comber, Co. Down). Family History (Andrews Family).

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