Coopershill Papers

Estate and family papers of the Cooper and O'Hara Family of Coopershill, Collooney, Co. Sligo, c. 1676-1974. The collection includes a range of family and estate papers documenting the development of family lands and the careers and/or interests of principal family members.

Papers concerning the Cooper side of the family relate mainly to the sometime Carleton estates in Fermanagh and Tyrone which the family inherited in 1752. Dating from 1726-1937, these papers comprise bonds, judgements, accounts, receipts and legal searches, 1749-1772, all relating to debts incurred by Guy Carleton (d.1752), and his representatives, from who the estates originated, and rentals and rent calculations, surveys, leases, correspondence and legal case papers, 1754-1851.

Other papers of interest to the Cooper Family include: papers of 1803 of Arthur Brooke Cooper I relating to measures taken in Co. Sligo to prepare for the French invasion including inventories of live and dead stock, correspondence about Brunswick, Orange and Protestant political activity in Co. Sligo, 1822 and c. 1825-41 and other propagandist papers re same, and a small selection of “emigrant letters” from the USA, c. 1786-1856.

Papers relating to the O’Hara Family of Annaghmore (formerly Nympsfield), Collooney, Co. Sligo, which subsumed the Cooper name in 1860, comprise mainly personal and political papers of Charles O’Hara (d. 1822) of Nymphsfield, MP for Co. Sligo, c. 1783-1830. These include: letters, 1783-1789, to Charles from his younger brother, William (a naval captain); two candidate's registry or canvassing books, [1783? and 1790?], recording the names and addresses of Co. Sligo freeholders; letters to his daughter, Miss Mary O’Hara, c. 1790-1814, which although referring mainly to personal and domestic matters, contain numerous political references, particularly at the time of the Union; printed copies of election addresses to local constituents, 1797 and 1818, a printed copy of his retirement address in 1820, and a printed newspaper obituary of him, 1822. Also included is a run of letters to Charles O'Hara from Charles King O'Hara, 1799, 1810-1811 and 1815, one of them commenting on the battlefield of Waterloo.


The papers are strong with regard to estate ownership and management in Cos. Tyrone and Fermanagh between 1750 and 1850 and political activity in Co. Sligo during the early nineteenth century.

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c. 2,250 items occupying 52 PRONI boxes

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See PRONI reference D/4031 and MIC/603 for catalogues of the papers. The catalogues are available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.

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