Ellis Papers

Collection of papers, 1585-c. 1850, relating mainly to the administration of the See of Derry and to the management of diocesan lands from the Plantation of Ulster onwards, being particularly detailed for the period, c. 1603-c. 1720. Some of the earlier documents exist as late seventeenth century or early eighteenth century copies. Valuable documentation relating to the administration of diocesan lands and related issues includes: the surrender of lands belonging to the See of Derry from George Montgomery, Bishop of Derry, Raphoe and Clogher to James 1, August 1610; list of 'Glebes to be allotted to the several parishes in the Barony of Loughinsolin', c.1630; 'Grant of Glebes to various parishes in Diocese of Derry', 24 May 1626; King's letter, 20 Nov. 1629, for issue of Letters Patent for creation of Dean and Chapter of St. Columb's, Derry; note c.1620, concerning the payment of tithes by corn mills on the estates of the See of Derry. One of the chief interests of the collection lies in the wealth of material available for seventeenth and eighteenth century disputes. Two particularly important reports, 1613-6, by Smithes and Springham and Proby and Springham, respectively, concern the state of the Ulster Plantation laid before the Common Council in London.


The collection includes the correspondence of leading statesmen and churchmen of the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

Physical characteristics

c.400 documents, 1585-c.1850, occupying 2 PRONI boxes.

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See PRONI reference D/683 for catalogue of the papers. The catalogue is available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.


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