Graham Papers

Dr James Graham, his three sons, William Stuart Graham, James Graham and Thomas Chadwick Graham, and his nephew Col. James Graham, of the Graham family of Lisnastrain, near Lisburn, saw military and medical service in India 1819-1879. As typical representatives of Anglo-Indian society during its greatest period of crisis, the Indian Mutiny (1857-1858), the Grahams have historical relevance. They provide a fascinating view of the complex web of family tradition, patronage, career structure, ambition and financial motivation which governed an Anglo-Indian family's affairs, and give the reader a realisation of the human dimension during the mutiny and in Anglo-India generally.

The archive comprises: title, deeds, leases, wills, accounts, correspondence, etc, 1741, 1777 and 1791-1957, relating to Graham property in and around Lisburn, Co. Antrim, and in Belfast; family and personal correspondence, including correspondence relating to medical, military and administrative affairs in India, particularly during the Indian Mutiny; genealogical material; diaries of Dr John Graham and Col. James Graham; correspondence and diaries of Capt D.C. Graham relating to service with the Royal Engineers in France during World War I.

The collection also includes three volumes of photographs (retained by the family and copied by PRONI), c.1860-1880. Many of these photographs seem to have been taken by Colonel James Graham in India. Most of the scenes and sitters are unidentified.


Of interest to those researching mutiny historiography and the attitudes, way of life and social values of members of the Anglo-Indian community

Physical characteristics

Approx. 4,700 documents and c.100 volumes occupying c. 60 PRONI boxes

Description or Catalogue

See PRONI references D/812, MIC/305 and T/3263 for catalogues of the papers. The catalogues are available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.

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The deposit under T/3263 are copies of photograph albums which were gifted.

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