Groves Collection

c. 20,000 copies of genealogical working papers and abstracts of miscellaneous documents, c.1650-1920, compiled and copied by Tenison E. Groves, a professional genealogist and antiquarian who worked at the Public Record Office of Ireland in Dublin from around 1900 until after the Four Courts Fire of 1922. The genealogical material has been arranged roughly by surname in small volumes, some of which relate to one name only, some to a group of related families, others to several surnames starting with the same letter. The arrangement of the material is variable, alphabetisation has not been adhered to, not all variant spellings have been noted, place names are difficult to trace. The great importance of this archive is that it contains extracts from documents which were destroyed in the Irish Civil War in 1922. It is particularly rich in will abstracts which appear in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland index to pre-1858 wills and extracts from legal proceedings, principally during the 17th and 18th centuries, which contain genealogical material and relate mainly to the gentry and merchant families, though there is a surprising amount relating to minor 19th century families including many extracts from the censuses of 1821-51. A further collection of Tenison Groves' papers is in the National Archives, Dublin, and there is considerable overlap between the two collections.


Genealogically, the collection is invaluable particularly as a replacement for the vast quantities of records lost in the Four Courts Fire of 1922.

Physical characteristics

c.20,000 documents and small volumes comprising copies and abstracts of original papers dating from c.1650-1920, reproduced between c.1900 and 1922 and occupying c.27 PRONI boxes.

Description or Catalogue

See PRONI references T/808 and MIC/15A for catalogue of the papers. The catalogues are available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.



See also PRONI collections, MIC/7 and MIC/311 for references from the Index of Grantors and extracts from the Memorials of the Registry of Deeds.

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The papers were purchased from the executors of Tenison Groves in early 1939

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