Hamilton Deeds

Collection of deeds, 1639-1841, rich in both historical content and geographical variety and relating, in part, to the Hamilton Family of Hamilton's Bawn, Armagh, and their local area. The subject matter of the collection is, however, very varied, and reference will be found to various parts of Ireland. The earliest documents to be found date from c. 1638 and 1654. The first is a confirmation by the 'patentees entrusted with the lands lately passed on the Plantation of the Byrne's country in the County of Wicklow'. This document confirms a lease of 1638, made by Redmond McFeagh Byrne, James Flatsborough, and John Walsh to Sir Henry Tichborne in the barony of Ballaghkeen North, Co. Wexford and in the barony of Arklow, Co. Wicklow. Numerous subsequent deeds in the collection relate to this Tichborne family, mostly in connection with lands in Louth. The second document, dated 1654, contains particulars of various lands in the barony of Ardee, Co. Louth, with the names of the former proprietors and of the parliamentary soldiers to whom they were subsequently assigned during the Cromwellian confiscations.

The Hamilton family name appears with the fifth deed, dated 24th November 1674. This is a lease from Sir Hans Hamilton, of Hamilton's Bawn, Armagh, to Sir William Tichborne of the Wicklow lands above. The fifteenth deed in the collection, dated 1682, introduces the locality with which the deeds are mainly connected, namely Killinchy, Killyleagh and the surrounding vicinity in Co. Down. Some interesting references occur in subsequent deeds. There are references to High Street, Downepost Street, Shore Street, Cow Street and Plantation Street, Killyleagh, and to Quarry Hole, Seaforde, Co. Down. Archibald Hamilton Rowan, of Killyleagh Castle, the celebrated United Irishman, is a party to several of the later deeds, but no reference is made to his political career. In 1835, a Portaferry and Strangford Steamboat Company was projected, and the collection contains a draft memorandum of association. This company appears to have been intended for the purpose of providing a steamboat ferry between the two towns. The capital was to be £1,000, but the papers do not indicate whether the project was successful.

The collection also includes a number of references to Donegal, particularly to the manor of Ray and to the property of the Brazier family in that county and in Co. Limerick. There is a lease from Arthur, Earl of Donegall, to John Cowan, a merchant of Londonderry, of lands in the manors of Elagh and Buncranagh [sic] in 1698 and some references to 18th century Dublin are also to be found. A deed of 1726 states that certain premises on the north side of Castle Street were formerly the banking premises of Benjamin Burton and Francis Harrison. One Richard Guinness appears in a document of 1790, in connection with premises held by him at Leixlip. A mortgage of 1713 stipulates that payment shall be made on Strongbow's Tomb in Christ Church, Dublin.


An historically important cache of early title deeds relating to many parts of Ireland.

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95 documents, 1639-1841, occupying one PRONI box.

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See PRONI references D/57-D/151 for cataogues of the papers. The catalogues are available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room. It should be noted that at the time of cataloguing each document in the collection was allocated a separate D reference number.


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