McCance Collection

c.150 documents, 1689-1799, comprising the records of the McCance family, and, in particular, of Captain S. McCance of London, presumably for use in his "History of the Royal Muster Fusiliers" (1927). This body of original documents and transcripts has strong military associations relating mostly to the 1798 period in Ulster, and including a remarkable register called 'The Black Book of the North of Ireland' which contains some 200 names of local leaders of the Society of the United Irishmen, often with particulars of their appearances and their careers in the Society. There are many lists of prisoners in northern jails such as those confined at Belfast and Carrickfergus and on board the Postlethwaite Prison Ship in Belfast Lough. There is a copy of a petition from the Belfast prisoners, a contemporary sketch of the ground over which the Battle of Ballynahinch was fought and an actual letter from a rebel in arms. The transcripts in the collection are copies made in the Public Record Office of Ireland from the military records of the years 1689 to 1719 with special reference to Brigadier Richard Ingoldsby, Colonel Herbert and the regiments associated with those officers as well as the Purcell and Sabine regiments. There is a very long set of lists of persons having claims on regiments such as Herbert's for goods supplied or for accommodation. Also included are some interesting extracts from the Nugent Manuscripts in the Royal United Service Institution, London, comprising: lists of troops then stationed in the Northern District of Ireland, 1796; a list of the Yeomanry Corps; instructions to General Lake for disarming the North, 3 March 1797; a resolution passed at a meeting of the Orange Association at Blaris Barracks concerning strife and religious differences; a letter from Lord Castlereagh to Major General Nugent, Armagh, 3 March 1799, initiating martial law in the Northern District.


The collection is very significant for students of the 1798 Rebellion.

Physical characteristics

c.150 items, 1689-1799, comprising predominantly documents with a small number of printed notices, maps and volumes occupying one PRONI box.

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See PRONI reference D/272 and MIC/575 for catalogues of the papers. The catalogues are available for consultation in PRONI'S Public Search Room.


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