Nugent of Farren Connell Papers

The archive of the Nugent family of Farren Connell, Co. Cavan, comprises a fairly complete record of this major Ulster family, their estates in Cos Cavan and Westmeath, and their careers, mainly in the army between the 15th and 20th Centuries, and principally that of General Major Sir Oliver Nugent who commanded the famous 36th Ulster Division during World War One.

The archive comprises: historical and genealogical papers, c. 1775-1890, including the 'Nugent Registry' compiled by “the family historian,” Richard Nugent (d. 1891), which draws on Irish public records destroyed in 1922; title deeds, settlements, wills, leases etc, 1488-1872; estate papers, 1735-c. 1870, including a 1765 survey of Bobsgrove maps, valuations, rentals and inventories, together with rent receipts, rentals and agents’ accounts; and correspondence, 1762-1890, of successive members of the Nugent family, including that of Oliver Nugent (d. 1813), 1774-1812, Mrs Sophia A.M. Nugent, 1807-50, Christopher Edward John Nugent (d. 1853), General St George Mervyn Nugent and Richard Nugent (d. 1891).

The records of greatest general interest, however, are those of Major-General Sir Oliver Nugent (1860-1926), and his wife and children, dating from 1884-1926. This Nugent had a long and distinguished military career in Natal, the Boer War, Ireland, India and was Commander-in Chief of the 36th Ulster Division during World War I. During his sojourns away from home, he wrote letters to his wife which are remarkable in their volume and regularity and provide glimpses of the progress of campaigns, everyday life in the trenches etc. These letters commence from his first engagement of the Boer War in 1899 and continue until his last command in India during the Afghan War of 1919.

The archive also includes military papers relating to Nugent’s command of the 36th Division, 1914-18; diaries of Sir Oliver, 1884-1925, including his shooting diary in Africa and India; Lady Nugent's correspondence including letters of sympathy received following Sir Oliver’s death in 1926; news cuttings, c. 1895-1943, relating to Sir Oliver’s military exploits, achievements and promotions; and a collection of photographs, some of them rare shots taken during the Boer War.


Of great interest to those researching Nugent family history; and for those interested in day-to-day conditions in arenas of war.

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Approx. 10,080 documents and volumes occupying 35 PRONI boxes

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See PRONI reference D/3835 for catalogue of the papers. The catalogue is available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.

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