Redhall Papers

The Redhall Papers (from Redhall, Ballycarry, Co. Antrim) consist of 21 volumes of a diary kept by Henry McClintock, Collector of the Revenue at Dundalk, over the period 1805-1843 (with a continuation by his widow up to 1848); and bundles of loose letters and papers of members of the Torrens family, 1812-1885.

The diaries record the daily goings-on of Henry McClintock's life, first as a cornet in the 3rd Prince of Wales's Regiment of Dragoon Guards and subsequently as Port Surveyor of Customs in Dundalk. McClintock also describes everyone whom he met, meteorological conditions, the ailments of his twelve children and treatments, in addition to on-going political and social events. Henry McClintock’s direct descendants reside in Redhall, Ballycarry, Co. Antrim.

The Torrens papers consist of some letters and papers of Judge Robert Torrens, and particularly of his wife, Anne, 1812-c.1830; and letters and papers of Elizabeth-Grace Torrens, second wife of Rev. William Chichester, 1st Lord O'Neill, and of her brothers, Robert Torrens, a retired Bengal Civil Servant and M.P. for Carrickfergus, 1859-1868, and John Samuel Torrens, formerly Judge of the Sudder Court, Calcutta (d.1860). The letters and papers mainly concern personal, financial and domestic matters, but include some references to public affairs, particularly in relation to the administration of India. These papers came to Redhall through marriage into the McClintock family.


Of interest to those researching everyday living in the first half of the nineteenth century in Dundalk, particularly that of a fairly humble member of the Ascendancy at this time.

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Bundles of documents and 21 volumes occupying 10 PRONI boxes

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