Salters' Company Co. Londonderry Estate Archive

Estate papers of the Salters’ Company, one of the London Companies invited by James I to enter into his scheme for the Plantation of Ulster in 1610. This collection provides detailed coverage of the history of the Salters' Company’s Irish estate, the Manor of Sal, from 1610 to 1964.

The collection includes the original grant of lands in Ulster to the Company in 1618, the correspondence of the various lessees from Gabriel Whistler in the 1670s to Sir Robert Bateson in the 1850s, the Estate Committee minute books and a comprehensive series of rentals, accounts, agents' letters, maps and plans spanning a period from the mid-eighteenth to the second half of the twentieth century. The Manor of Sal reverted to the direct control of the Salters' in 1853 and from 1874 onwards the Company, in common with the other London Companies, began to sell off the estate. Between these dates, however, the Salters' embarked upon an extensive building programme which did much to improve the area and the appearance of Magherafelt in particular.


Of interest to those researching the development of the area round Magherafelt and also to those researching the London Companies and their place in Irish society.

Physical characteristics

Approx. 9,300 documents and volumes and c. 70 maps occupying c.200 PRONI boxes

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See PRONI reference D/4108 for catalogue of the papers. The catalogue is available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.

See also for a more detailed introduction to the collection.


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