Savory Papers

Personal and political papers of Professor Sir Douglas Lloyd Savory (1878-1969), c.1900-1969. Professor of French Language and Romance Philology at Queen's University, Belfast, 1909-40 and, later, Unionist MP for Queen's University and Antrim, 1940-55, these papers reflect Savory’s broad range of interests and activities in both academic and political spheres. Apart from a group of sermons by the Rev. E. Lloyd Savory (the father of Professor Savory), c.1900, the archive consists largely of correspondence, speeches, newspaper cuttings and notes,etc., sorted into 4 broad categories: political, European affairs, education and literary, and religious. Other files of political correspondence relate particularly to Home Rule, 1911-21; foreign affairs; temperance and income tax 1941-7; the effects of the German air raids on Belfast; railway services and boundaries of wards in Londonderry, 1941-57; Eire citizens working in Northern Ireland; the export of Northern Ireland produce to Great Britain; the 'B' Specials, 1952-4; the Boundary Commission and relations with the Irish Free State, 1943-56; the setting up of the Republic of Ireland, 1946-8; and the Orange Order, 1949-65. The remaining correspondence deals with Polish affairs, 1945-68 deriving partly from his assignment as special investigator into the massacre of Polish officers at Katyn Wood in 1941 (the main bulk of his Polish papers are in the Polish Institute and Sigorski Museum in London); minority disputes in the South Tyrol and in South Slesvig, 1945-64; and administrative matters in connection with Queen's University including letters commenting on the Suez crisis of 1956. There are also notes and correspondence reflecting Savory's interest in Church history, 1938-64, such as material on the history of the Moravian Church and the Waldensian Church and correspondence with the Archbishops of Armagh and Canterbury. Another section of the archive comprises four folders containing extracts from the official reports recording speeches made and questions asked by Savory in the House of Commons, 1941-55. There is a substantive quantity of pamphlets, drafts and copies of articles, reviews and public addresses and speeches etc., most of them by Savory, 1922-67, on a wide variety of subjects including twentieth century political events, the Plantation of Ulster, the French Revolution, the Huguenots and the Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland; subject indexed newspaper cuttings, 1901-65; and a small number of photographs of Savory..


The collection is particularly strong because, given Professor Savory's long life span, there is important material relating to many aspects of Irish history covering the greater part of the 20th century. In addition, Savory's interests and role in international affairs make the collection a valuable source for various aspects of 20th century European history.

Physical characteristics

c.1,000 individually-numbered items, c.1900-69 comprising a range of c. 65 documents, 48 volumes, c. 80 folders, newspaper cuttings and 4 photographs occupying 33 PRONI boxes.

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See PRONI reference D/3015 for catalogue of the papers. The catalogue is available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.


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