Seven Years' War Diary.

Diary, July-September, 1760, with enclosed copy correspondence, July-August, 1759, relating to the British campaign in Canada during the Seven Years' War. The writer of the diary was probably an officer on the staff of Brigadier General James Murray, and, as he appears to have had an intimate knowledge of all that occurred, he may have been a secretary. The supposition is strengthened by the presence in the diary of copies of correspondence which passed between Murray and his superior, Major-General James Wolfe. The copy letters are in the same hand as the diary and appear to be contemporary. Included is a copy of Wolfe's order to Generals Murray, Monckton and Townshend giving alternative plans for the capture of Quebec and asking for their comments, and the minutes of the Council of War between the Generals in compliance with the order. The diary itself presents a day-to-day account of the campaign in Canada covering the months leading to the capture of Montreal and the capitulation of the French on 8th September, 1760.


This diary and the associated papers are an important and valuable research tool for students of the Seven Years' War in relation to North America.

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