Tipping Papers

Personal, political and financial papers of the Tipping family of Bellurgan Park, Ballymascanlan, Co Louth, and their estates in Counties Louth, Armagh, Down and Westmeath.

The collection includes many wills, probates and letters of administration of the Tipping and other families, but the bulk of the archive consists of letters and papers of Edward Tipping II (1826-96), who inherited Bellurgan Park and the Tipping estate during the Famine. In consequence of the inherited debts on the property, the Famine and subsequently the Land War of 1880-1881, Edward Tipping II was in financial difficulties for the whole of his life, which the sale of a significant part of the estate through the Encumbered Estates Court in 1855 did not relieve. His papers are of interest as showing (perhaps in an extreme instance) the plight of the landlord class in the second half of the 19th century.

These papers are also of interest in their own right because he was an activist and pamphleteer on various issues including the Land Acts, Disestablishment and the post-Disestablishment organisation of the Church of Ireland, 1869-1882, and the reform and retrenchment in the Irish prison system, 1872-1879. His local - as opposed to national - offices, appointments etc, included: JP for Co. Louth, 1849-1896; lieutenant in the Louth Militia, 1855-1856; director of the Dundalk and Greenore Railway Company, 1862-1870; member of the Carlingford Lough Commission, 1864-c.1877; and County Inspector of Prisons, 1866-c.1876. These activities are all fully documented in the archive, particularly Tipping's role as a county inspector of prisons. In 1872-1879 he seems to have been the organiser of the campaign which the county inspectors fought on an all-Ireland basis against the reduction of their offices and emoluments.


Of interest to those researching estate management, especially landlords in financial difficulties

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c. 8,500 documents occupying 15 PRONI boxes

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See PRONI references D/4160 and MIC/555 for catalogues of the papers. The catalogues are available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.

An introduction to the collection can be found on http://www.proni.gov.uk/records/private/tipping.htm.


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