Wynne Papers

Estate, political and military papers of the Wynne family of Hazelwood, Co. Sligo and Lurganboy, Co. Leitrim, 1612-1910. The archive charts the lineage of the family from the arrival in Ireland of Owen Wynne I (d. 1670) in 1658 from Bala in Merionethshire, Wales, to its extinction in 1910. Prosperous and prominent, for two and a half centuries the men of the family were eminent landowners in several parts of the country, soldiers, members of parliament and county High Sheriffs. All the Wynnes' properties in Ireland except Hazelwood were sold to the Land Commission in the late 1880s, Hazelwood being sold later in 1937.

Reflecting the family’s involvement in military affairs, particularly during the late 17th and 18th centuries, papers relating to battles and battalions are quite revealing. Although mainly dealing with administrative matters, the military papers found in the collection tell of battles, strategy, troop movements, and appointments and promotions of successive generations of Wynnes, both in Ireland and abroad, c. 1680-1783. Of particular note are details of the so-called “Wynne’s Dragoon,” a regiment led by Brigadier-General James Wynne (c. 1645-95) during the Williamite Wars (1689-97).

The collection also includes series of estate and family papers. These comprise: title deeds and leases in Counties Leitrim, Cavan and Sligo, 1612, 1618, 1670-c. 1910; wills and testamentary papers, including a consider number of pre-1858 wills dating from 167-1827; and rentals, accounts, valuations etc, 1757-61, 1771, 1785, 1824-48, of which papers for 1830-48 are particularly full of information about acreage, rents, arrears, encumbrances etc.

Correspondence is also present for the period 1677, c. 1725-c. 1910. These feature papers of Colonel Owen Wynne (c. 1686-1755), dating from c. 1725-56; the Rt. Hon Owen Wynne (d. 1789); Owen Wynne (1755-1841), 1791-c. 1830, comprising mainly letters, pedigrees etc relating to the Family’s Welsh ancestry; the Rt. Hon John Arthur Wynne (1801-65) and his wife, Lady Anne Butler (d. 1849), 1821-63; and a small bundle of letters of Owen Wynne (1843-1910), 1869-c. 1910.


Of interest to those researching landlordism and military history

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Approx. 660 documents occupying 1 PRONI box. Includes original documents and microfilm copies.

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See PRONI references D/429 and MIC/666 for catalogues of the papers. The catalogues are available for consultation in PRONI's Public Search Room.

See also http://www.proni.gov.uk/records/private/wynne.htm for a more detailed introduction to the collection.


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