Allen Collection

A small collection of material relating to the history of the Presbyterian congregation in Ireland consisting mainly of notebooks, correspondence and notebooks containing cuttings.

Robert Allen (1904-1968) was a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and a noted historian of the denomination. The collection contains some of his working papers, especially related to his The Presbyterian College Belfast 1853-1953, and some of his correspondence. A significant proportion of the material is from the Revd William Thomas Latimer (1842-1919) another Presbyterian minister and historian of the church. The Latimer material includes volumes of newspaper cuttings, extracts from original church records, and an idiosyncratic continuation of his A history of the Irish Presbyterians (1893; 1902). The archive also contains material from the Revd Aston Robinson, Latimer’s son-in-law and another historian of Presbyterianism in Ireland.

Physical characteristics

Five archival boxes containing letters, notebooks and newspaper cuttings. 

Description or Catalogue
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