Antrim Presbytery Library

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Antrim Presbytery Collection

Antrim Presbytery Collection

Antrim Presbytery Collection

Antrim Presbytery Collection

Antrim Presbytery Collection close up

Antrim Presbytery Collection close up


The Antrim Presbytery Library is a significant collection of publications from the 16th-18th centuries. As the first 'corporate' library in Belfast, it is important for reflecting the interests and concerns of a provincial, 18th century society of local intellectuals and religious ministers. Key subject strengths focus on a variety of religious topics, including theology and religious, non-conformist debate. Classical subjects are also strongly featured.

Physical characteristics

Approx. 2,100 volumes, pamphlets and journals etc.

Description or Catalogue

Full listing available on Special Collections Book Collection web page

Previous catalogues: Catalogue of books in the Antrim Library, now deposited in Queen’s College, Belfast, Belfast, Mayne 1874, 66p (earlier cats. Published in 1796 and 1851); Queen's University Belfast, The Library Shelf Catalogue, Vol. IX, Section B (Typescript ledger shelflist); R Allen, The Presbyterian College 1853-1953, Belfast, Mullan, 1954, p276-8;



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No items have been added to this collection since its original deposit in 1873.

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