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The Library collection at Lisburn Meeting comprises books on the history, doctrine and biographies of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain and Ireland. The Quakers first came to Ireland in 1655. Some of the books on the history and biographies of Friends (Quakers) are 19th century. The collection has been built up with the aim to "encourage the reading of literature which may reveal the ways of God", this is in keeping with the Friend's policy of educating its members and attendees.


Quakers have no formal written doctrine, creed or set of rules, despite this there exists a significant body of writings and records concerning the Quakers. In this light the collection is important as a resource for anyone wishing to research Quakers and the Society of Friends in general or in Ireland in particular.

Physical characteristics

400 volumes

Description or Catalogue

The collection is catalogued and access is through a card index.



Ulster Quarterly Meeting Archives, this collection comprises Minute books and other records of the Religious Society of Friends in Ulster. Access to microfilm of the records is provided through PRONI - <a href="; target="new_window"></a&gt;;

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