Haliday Tract Collection (HT)

General collection of tracts forming part of the larger Haliday Pamphlet and Tract Collection of Charles Haliday. There are in excess of 11,000 items in the HT Collection dating from 1578-1854. The collection relates to wide variety of subject areas of Irish and British interests.


The collection covers political, religious and historical areas of minor and major interest for Ireland, Great Britain and Europe. It is an extensive collection of public documents published at the time of events significant to the country. The Haliday Tracts include many London imprints, notably a significant number of items relating to the 1640s. The tracts are invaluable for the study of the history (social, economic, political, cultural), literature and antiquities of Ireland and Great Britain. They include, for example, an extensive range of contemporary political publications on the rebellion of 1798, and of the debates for and against the Act of Union of Great Britain and Ireland which came into effect in 1801.

Physical characteristics

Excess of 11,000 items of mixed formats, mostly quarto and octavo. Earlier tracts (1695-1852) are bound, the remainder are unbound and stored in boxees. Larger format tracts belonging to the collection are stored separately.

Description or Catalogue

Catalogue records for individual items are available on the Royal Irish Academy Library's Main Catalogue 


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