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The Music department of Trinity College Library houses the main collections of music literature and printed music, as well as an audio collection and listening facilities. The open access collections are focused on supporting the academic needs of students and staff of the College, and currently comprise approximately 6,000 books, 7,000 scores, and 50 periodical titles. More material is stored at closed access locations, selected on the basis of physical format or lower levels of potential use. The closed access collection of printed music currently stands at approximately 100,000 items. Most of these resources have been acquired through legal deposit, supplemented by purchased foreign imprints and material for student lending. The main thrust of purchasing policy in recent years has been to improve the range of musicological reference materials available, concentrating especially on collected editions and facsimiles of composers’ autograph manuscripts. The collection also contains reference works and bibliographies, some now in the form of online databases (RILM and IIMP). There is also a CD collection (for use only within the library), and a collection of operas on DVD.


As a legal deposit library since 1801the library holds a substantial collection of books, periodicals and printed music published in the UK and Ireland from the early 19th century to the present. This core collection is supplemented by purchases and subscriptions which strengthen the holdings of collected editions and manuscript facsimiles in particular.

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Books, periodicals, printed music, electronic resources, CDs, DVDs.

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Books, periodicals, printed music, electronic resources, CDs and DVDs listed in online catalogue at .


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Legal deposit, purchase, donation

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