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Trinity College Library’s Department of Early Printed Books includes a scattering of music materials among its holdings, as well as a number of special music collections. Amongst the earliest items purchased for the library in the first decade of the 17th century were a few volumes of printed music and music theory: Marenzio madrigals, Byrd & Tallis’s Cantiones sacrae, Morley’s Introduction to practicall musicke, and Glarean’s Dodecachordon.


As a legal deposit library since 1801 the library holds a substantial collection of books, periodicals and printed music published in the UK and Ireland from the early 19th century to the present. This core collection is supplemented by purchases and subscriptions which strengthen the holdings of collected editions and manuscript facsimiles in particular. The research collections of the Departments of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books also contain significant music holdings.

Physical characteristics

Books, periodicals, printed music.

Description or Catalogue

Some material from the early printed collections is listed in the online catalogue at , but most is still only retrievable through the printed and guard-book catalogues. The Prout Collection has its own card catalogue, accessible by name heading and subject category.


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