Headlam-Morley Collection

Sir James Headlam-Morley (1863-1929) was the historical adviser to the propaganda department, 1914-17, and the Foreign Office, 1920-8. The Collection at the University of Ulster is a valuable resource for students of history, containing books about the First World War, the Paris Peace Conference, and the diplomacy of the inter-war period. The Collection was the working library of Sir James Headlam-Morley, it also includes his correspondence. The Paris Peace Conference produced five treaties, the most important of which was the Treaty of Versailles, the peace settlement with Germany. The treaty was signed in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles on June 28, 1919. An important aspect of the Paris Peace Conference was the creation of the League of Nations. The correspondence in this collection covers the period of Headlam-Morley's involvement in the Paris Peace Conference. The Collection also includes some material on the Franco-German Saar dispute added by Kenneth Headlam-Morley, son of Sir James, as well as books on the history of the Church in the Baltic and Balkan states and Germany. The books on Church history were collected by Sir James Headlam-Morley's elder brother, Dr. Arthur Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester from 1923 to 1945.


This Collection was the working library of Headlam-Morley and the material in it relates to the causes of the First World War, the ending of the war, the Versailles Peace Conference and the diplomatic history of the post-war period. The correspondence deals with the period of Headlam-Morley's participation in the Versailles Treaty negotiations.

Physical characteristics

The Headlam-Morley Collection consists of approximately 4000 books and pamphlets relating to World War I. In addition the Collection includes approximately 900 letters (mainly typescripts) relating to the Versailles Treaty negotiations.


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