Music Collection

The contents of the collection reflect the teaching and research interests of the Music community at the University of Ulster.


It is comprehensive in scope covering all aspects of the music curriculum

Physical characteristics

The collection comprises approximately 3000 books; 3700 CDs (largely classical music but with a growing collection of Irish traditional music and popular music); 46 print journals plus access to a minimum of 100 full text e-journals; databases such as the Naxos Music Library of streamed music, Oxford Music Online and African American Music Reference; over 200 videos and DVDs (plus music related DVDs such as those which support the university’s course in dance); 240 gramophone records, and over 70 shelves of music scores. There are also some microforms including 21 reels of mss from the music collection of Christ Church Oxford, and St. Michaels’ College Tenbury.

Description or Catalogue

Items are recorded in the University of Ulster Catalogue

Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

The collection accrues through orders placed by academic and library staff

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