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Bound and unbound pamphlets from the Magee and Assembly's Colleges pamphlet collections.

Bound and unbound pamphlets from the Magee and Assembly's Colleges pamphlet collections.

The Pamphlets Collection includes items published from the seventeenth century onwards. Although the collection covers a wide range of topics, the bulk concerns Protestant theology and matters relating to Ireland. Those published prior to 1900 are mostly bound in approximately 800 volumes, while there are a significant number of unbound pamphlets from a similar period. The older pamphlets are stored in a designated room away from the main library.


The Pamphlets Collection provides interesting insights into opinions on a wide range of topics, especially Protestant theology and Irish history, from the seventeenth century onwards.

Physical characteristics

Approximately 800 bound and over 5,000 unbound pamphlets.

Description or Catalogue

All unbound pamphlets from the 1900s to the present day are searchable through the Gamble Library's OPAC available here

Some of the older pamphlets have been catalogued and can be searched in the same way.

A paper-based catalogue from Magee College, Londonderry and a card catalogue of pamphlets from The Presbyterian College, Belfast are available in the library to provide help finding resources and their location.






Custodial History

The Gamble Library was established in 1873 by Caroline Gamble in memory of her late husband, the Rev. Henry Gamble. Prior to 1873 a core library collection existed, composed of stock from the Synod of Ulster and the Secession Synod. These Synods united in 1840 to form the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. The Gamble Library of 1873 contained 4,000 books, including the complete works of the Greek and Latin Fathers of the Church. Several large book donations have been made to the library, such as the gift of 6,000 volumes by the Rev. Dr. W. Fleming Stevenson and Principal J.F. Paul's library. In 1971 the library of the Magee Theological College was associated with the Gamble Library of the Presbyterian College, Belfast. Much of the Pamphlets Collection came from Magee College, Londonderry and has been retained in Union Theological College since its formation.

Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

Modern pamphlets are added to the Pamphlets Collection frequently.

The older pamphlets, stored away from the main library are added to much less regularly through donations.       

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Collection Available Online