Palles collection

The Palles collection consists of books and journals of a legal nature covering the period from the 17th to the early 20th century. The collection is most useful for the study of Irish legal history for this period. The collection was that of Baron Palles, the last Chief Baron of the Exchequer of Ireland. It was donated to UCD library by William Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin, in 1921 and at that time formed the nucleus of UCD’s law library.


An almost complete set of English nominate reports, many early nineteenth century Irish reports, several volumes of trials, mainly nineteenth century Irish political trials, some contemporary copies of seventeenth and eighteenth century Irish statutes and a large collection of text books and treatises, some of which date back to the early seventeenth century. There is also a volume of Palles’s own judgements in typescript.

Physical characteristics

Over 2169 volumes.

Description or Catalogue

Catalogue of Palles collection available on UCD’s Online Public Access Catalogue at


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