W. B. Yeats Collection

This collection of the Irish poet and playwright William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) includes first editions of all of Yeats' works (save the extremely scarce Mosada [1886] and The Hour-Glass [1903]), many later editions of Yeat's works and variant printings, and books edited by or containing contributions from Yeats. Also present are runs of periodicals with which Yeats was associated, such as Samhain, The Arrow, and The Shanachie; many single issues of periodicals in which material by or about Yeats appeared, including particularly elusive journals such as the Kilkenny Monitor and the Irish Home. The collection also includes the published debates of the Irish Parliament in which Yeats was a Senator and volumes owned or inscribed by Yeats and Yeats family members.





Includes printed works by W. B. Yeats, periodicals and anthologies which he edited or contributed to, books formerly-owned or inscribed by Yeats family members. Included are printed works related to the Irish Literary Renaissance / Revival.

Physical characteristics

Approximately 1000 volumes

Description or Catalogue

A descriptive overview of the collection is available at https://spencer.lib.ku.edu/collections/special-collections/irish.  Researchers can browse the catalogue records of items in the Yeats collection by navigating to the University of Kansas Online Catalogue (http://catalog.lib.ku.edu/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?DB=local&PAGE=First), selecting "Left-anchored call number (not LC)" in the "Search by" field, and entering Yeats in the "Search For" field.


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Custodial History

The base Yeats collection was purchased in 1955 from collector, P. S. [Patrick Sarsfield] O'Hegarty, a former Secretary of Irish Posts, one-time member of several revolutionary groups, civil servant, bookseller, historian, bibliographer, and editor.  The collection has grown through the further addition of titles since its initial purchase.

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