Slip Archive of Dialect Items

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Slip archive of dialect items initiated by Belfast Naturalist Field Club in 1951, continued by Museum's late curator of language, Brendan Adams, and forming the basis of the 'Concise Ulster Dictionary' (Oxford University Press, 1996). The collection is still being augmented.

The Irish Traditional Music Archive

Irish Traditional Music Archive

The Archive’s primary remit covers the island of Ireland and the Irish diaspora – Irish-Britain, Irish-America, Irish-Australia etc. – and all those performers of Irish traditional music throughout the world who are not of Irish blood. It also collects traditional music from other countries in a representative way in order to provide a national access point to these musics and to the world of ethn ...

Ulster Dialect & Linguistic Diversity Archive

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Unique assemblage of books, wordlists, research papers and notes etc relating to the study of Ulster Dialect and the process of dialect collection. This collection consists of material gathered together by a variety of interested individuals and institutions including Sir John Byers, Professor R.J. Gregg, R H Montgomery, T.G.F. Paterson and Brendan Adams. It comprises research notes and recordings ...

UFTM Sound Archive

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

The brief of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is to record and preserve the way of life, past and present, of the people of Northern Ireland. The contents of the Museum’s Sound Archive reflects this brief, comprising mainly oral history recordings made by curatorial members of staff and other interested persons, traditional Irish music, folk tunes and songs, recitals recorded by and at UFTM, c ...