Adair, C.W., Colonel


Descendant of Capt James Adair (d. 1685) originally of Galloway, a connection of Sir Robert Adair of Kinhilt and Ballymena. The Adair Family were a important landowning family in the Co. Antrim area from the 17th century onwards with successive generations playing their part in local politics, military affairs and the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Interesting members include Charles Adair (1737-1810), who was a member of the Donegore Yeomanry and Infantry which was raised and drilled on the family's property, was held up by rebels during the 1798 Rebellion. Another member, Henry Adair, High Sheriff for Co. Antrim in 1871, was a principal in what is believed to have been the last duel fought in Ireland on 9 February 1841, near Belfast.