Paterson, T.G.F. (1888-1971)


Thomas George Farquhar Paterson MA OBE (1888-1971) was born in 1888 in Canada, but was raised in Cornsacreeb near Tandragee, Co. Armagh where he returned with his family as an infant. Educated at the National School, Arghory, Co. Armagh, and initially worked as a grocer. He was an amateur historian who collected traditional tales and dialect phrases and proverbs, and made detailed sketches of local architecture and furniture in South Armagh. In 1931, he became Honorary Curator of Armagh County Museum, and later in 1935, was appointed the first full-time curator at the Museum, retiring in 1963. He published widely, contributing to local journals and newspapers. He was a founding trustee of the Ulster Folk Museum from 1958, served on the South Armagh Hospital Committee and the Northern Ireland Committee of the National Trust, was an active member of the Armagh Field Club and of the Naturalists' Society, and in 1941, became a member of the Royal Irish Academy. He was awarded an OBE in 1954 and an honorary membership of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society in Nashville, Tennessee, the latter for his genealogical research on the Campbellites. He died in 1971. Source: Dictionary of Ulster Biography, Kate Newmann (Belfast, 1993)

Museum Curator