Ulster Folk & Transport Museum


The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum was officially established following the formal amalgamation of the Ulster Folk Museum and the transport section of the former Belfast Municipal Museum (later the Ulster Museum) in 1973, although the two had been operating together since 1967. Opening up to the public in 1964, the Ulster Folk Museum was constituted by legislation passed by the Northern Ireland Parliament in 1958. It was set up under the guidance of a Board of Trustees with the primary objective "of illustrating the way of life, past and present, and the traditions of the people of Northern Ireland". The Trustees were also empowered to "take such other actions [e.g. research etc]…proper for the purpose of acquiring or disseminating knowledge of such way of life and traditions." The Museum is based in extensive grounds purchased in 1961 and 1964 at Cultra, Co. Down and today ranks among Ireland's foremost visitor attractions. It comprises an open-air museum including a town area and three purpose-built in-door exhibition galleries. The Museum also maintains a library and research facility and operates a busy educational programme for schools. In 1998, the Museum was brought together as a national institution with the Ulster Museum, the Ulster-American Folk Park and Armagh County Museum to form the Museums And Galleries for Northern Ireland, known as MAGNI, a major network of national museums in Northern Ireland.\n\n\nSee also: \n"Creating Ulster's Folk Museum," Alan Gailey in Ulster Folklife, Vol. 32, 1986.

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