Brownlow Family


Under the Plantation of Ulster, John Brownlow from Nottingham and his son William were granted property by James I in 1610 in ONeilland, Co. Armagh. The family prospered, later acquiring the manor of Richmount, Co. Armagh, and the Coolderry Estate near Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan. Charles Brownlow was raised to the peerage in 1839 as Lord Lurgan for services to the Whig party. He built Brownlow House in 1833, which in 1904 was purchased by the Lurgan Loyal Orange District Lodge and is also the Commonwealth headquarters of the Imperial Black Chapter. Family financial concerns, and the coming of Land Purchase, forced the Brownlows to sell most of their estates in Co. Armagh in 1893 and this part of the family moved to London. The Monaghan estate also was sold at Land Purchase.\n\nSee also: <a href="; target="new_window"></a&gt;