Wynne Family of Hazelwood, Co. Sligo and Lurganboy, Co. Leitrim


The Wynne Family of Hazelwood, Co. Sligo and Lurganboy, Co. Leitrim are descended from Owen Wynne (d. 1670), eldest child of Lewis Gwynne of Bala in Merionethshire, Wales, who established the family in Ireland after acquiring extensive lands around Lurganboy, Co. Leitrim in 1658. The Hazelwood estate, with which the family is principally associated, was acquired in 1722, with lands in Co. Cavan (the manor of Largey) purchased in 1720. Prosperous and prominent, for two and a half centuries the men of the family were eminent landowners in several parts of the country, soldiers, members of parliament and county High Sheriffs. Most significant are Brigadier-General James Wynne (c. 1645-95) who led the so-called Wynne Dragoons in the Battle of Newtownbutler and Battle of the Boyne, before joining the Williamite forces in Flanders, where he was ultimately killed in action, and his brother, Major-General Owen Wynne (c. 1655-1737), who also fought in the Williamite Wars and ended his career as Commander in Chief in Ireland. It was this Wynne who consolidated the family’s estates in Ireland, passing them on to his nephew, Owen Wynne (c. 1686-1755) on his death in 1737. In the absence of male heirs, the family line came to an end with the death of the sixth Owen Wynne (c. 1843-1910) in 1910. All of the Wynnes' properties in Ireland except Hazelwood were sold by this Wynne to the Land Commission in the late 1880s, Hazelwood being sold later in 1937.